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Lincoln bi sexual chatrooms

The obvious answer is that we want to prove that gays and lesbians have always been there, to weave the history of gays and lesbians into the history of America and if the evidence is weak, that’s only because we were never allowed to be open.Forget for a minute the question of whether we can answer the question of whether historical people like Lincoln were gay or not and consider the question of why we ought to?College is crazy, especially when you live in a house with a probably British duchess, the original Memelord, your older brother, the biggest drama queen in the world, a gremlin, and Hunk.At least they have a group chat to come together and yell at whoever fucked up today.It wasn’t just a period, but something that went on his whole life”, said ACT-UP activist Larry Kramer in a 1999 interview with .

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To simply point out that they may have had some element of same-sex attraction is speculative and not something that really has any relevance.

Larry Craig is attracted to men, so is Ted Haggard, but that hardly makes them worthy of being heroes.

Speed remained a lifelong friend, despite his support of slavery, and the two sent warm, affectionate letters for years, even after Lincoln moved into the White House. I’m no historian (though a definite history buff), but it seems to me, the real question is, “Can we know if Lincoln was gay?

” The answer to that question has to be a definite “No.” There are simply too many problems for us to ever hope to get a definitive answer. ” On CBS’ Early Show, New York University history professor Jeffrey Sammons said, “One of the very interesting stories about Abraham Lincoln is that he might have been gay.

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